Arranging Care

Clients Who Benefit
  • Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors
  • Individuals Requiring Infusion Therapy
  • Ventillator/Trache Dependents
  • Terminally Ill
  • Veterans
  • Individuals Requiring Wound Care
  • All Ages, Pediatric to Geriatric
  • And More!
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Determining the Level of Care and Services
Initial Phone Interview
One-On-One Interview
Matching Your Needs with a Caregiver
Routine Care Conferences
Case Managers, Discharge Planners, or Healthcare Providers
Cost of Services

Dobson Healthcare has specialty Intake RNs that work directly with your insurance carriers and supplemental medical coverages to determine and coordinate the benefits that are covered by your policies for home care services. You can reach our RN Nurse Care Coordinators at 866-866-8984.

What Are the Services Rates Based On?
What Types of Payments are Accepted?